We understand that choosing the correct funeral tribute can be an emotional task. Our aim is to help in this difficult time to choose a tribute that is fitting to the deceased, be it a personal choice of flowers or colours, a special design i.e., a job, hobby or sport that represents the deceased, or just a tribute that is a true reflection of that person. Our range offers all the standard tributes, but any special designs can all be made to order. We are happy to meet with our customers to discuss arrangements for flowers and any special requests. Our main aim is to provide you with the best possible service as you express your sympathy with flowers.


Blue and White Basket Arrangement


Blue & White Basket Arrangement – A classic basket arrangement in oasis containing a mixture of purple & white eustoma, white spray carnations, dark green chrysanthemums, white hypericum berries, blue veronica, eucalyptus and leather leaf.  Price From  £40.00




Orange & Blue Open Wreath



Orange & Blue Open Wreath – A stunning open wreath with a mixture of colours containing cream and apricot open roses, white lisianthus, orange gerbera, blue agapanthus, mandarin freesia, white bouvardia, dark blue estatice and ruscus leaves  Price From – £65.00



White Massed Posy Pad



White Massed Posy Pad – A beautiful posy pad massed with white chrysanthemums with a spray containing white roses, white calla lillies, ruscus leaves, pine fern and leather leaf.

Price From – £45.00



Peach & White Cross


White & Peach Massed Cross – A beautiful massed cross based with white chrysanthemums, the spray containing peach and apricot roses, white lisianthus, eucalyptus, ruscus and mixed foliage and edged with a pleated peach ribbon.

Price From – £100.00



Red & White Double Open Heart


Red & White Double Open Hearts – A beautifully designed double open heart containing red open roses, blue thistles, white freesia, gypsophila, berries, mixed foliage and grasses decoratively woven between the hearts.

Price From – £110.00



Red & Green Open Wreath


Red & Green Open Wreath – A very eye-catching design, this open wreath has a seasonal feel to it, containing open red roses, red alstromeria, large green chrysanthemums, red hypericum berries, deep green Ivy leaves and ruscus leaves.

Price From – £65.00




Blue & Yellow Single Ended Spray



Blue & Yellow Single Ended Spray – A traditional single ended spray using yellow roses, yellow chrysanthemums, purple estatice, yellow archillea, mixed foliage and berries.

Price from – £40.00


Blue & Cream Open Wreath



Blue & Cream Open Wreath – A traditional open wreath containing cream roses, cream chrysanthemums, white lisianthus, blue agapanthus, dark green chrysanthemums and leather leaf.

Price from – £50.00


Cream & Blue Open Wreath




Cream & Blue Open Wreath – A contemporary loose open wreath with cream open roses, cream lilies, pale blue delphinium and backed with clusters of foliage.

Price  from – £50.00



Cream & Green Tied Sheaf




Cream & White Tied Sheaf – A traditional hand tied sheaf using open cream roses and bud, white lisianthus, white veronica, white trachelium, eucalyptus and deep green leaves.

Price from – £40.00



Cream & Purple Open Wreath


Cream & Purple Open Wreath – An elegant open wreath with cream roses, purple lisianthus, dark green chrysanthemums, ruscus, leather leaf and ferns.

Price From – £50.00



Grandad Tribute


Grandad Tribute – A classic grandad tribute with the lettering based with white chrysanthemums and sprays of yellow open roses and ruscus leaves and 3 of the letters (optional amount of sprays).

Price -£190.00


Cream & Lilac Open Wreath


Cream & Lilac Open Wreath – A loose open wreath with a mixture of cream roses, lilac freesia, blue thistles, cream lisianthus, white agapanthus, eucalyptus, cupressus and hebe foliage.

Price  From – £55.00



Green & White Heart


Green & White Heart – This contemporary heart is designed with a mass of cream roses packed in the centre, surrounded by eucalyptus, white lisianthus, dark green chrysanthemums, edged with green moss, and backed with eucalyptus leaves or ribbon.

Price  From – £75.00



Lemon & Blue Open Wreath



Lemon & Blue Open Wreath – A full open wreath with lemon open roses, blue thistles, white lisianthus, small daisy chrysanthemums, with ruscus, pittosporum and hebe foliage.

Price  From – £55.00



Orange & Red Posy Arrangement



Orange & Red Posy Arrangement – A posy shaped arrangement in oasis includes orange lilies, red roses, red freesia, red spray carnations, dark green chrysanthemums and ruscus leaves.

Price  From – £45.00



Blue & Pink Single Ended Spray


Pink & Blue Single Ended Spray –  A single ended spray with pink open oriental lilies, purple lisianthus, palm leaves and eucalyptus.

Price  From – £45.00




Pink & Lilac Open Heart


Pink & Lilac Open Heart – A beautiful open heart with dusky pink roses, lilac lisianthus and green reindeer moss placed decoratively between the flowers, giving this a contemporary look.

Price From – £65.00


purple & white open wreath


White & Purple Open Wreath – A beautiful loose open wreath containing a mixture of ivory roses, white gerberas, purple lisianthus and bunches of green moss.

Price from – £70.00



Red & Cream Massed Heart


Red & Cream Massed Heart  – A classic heart shaped design using red roses and small cream chrysanthemums.

Price from – £75.00




Red & Cream Open Wreath


Red & Cream Open Wreath – A beautiful seasonal open wreath using a mixture of open red and cream roses, gypsophila, eucalyptus, deep green Ivy leaves and red autumnal leaves.

Price from £55.00



White & Cream Massed Cross


White & Cream Massed Cross – A beautifully designed cross using white chrysanthemums for the base and cream open roses, cream calla lilies, gypsophila and eucalyptus.

Price – £110.00




White & Cream Open Wreath


White & Cream Open Wreath – A classic designed open wreath containing cream open roses, white freesia, white daisy chrysanthemums, white lisianthus and variegated spindle tree leaves.

Price from – £65.00




White & Lemon Cushion


White & Lemon Massed Cushion – A massed cushion designed using white chrysanthemums for the base, yellow roses, yellow lilies, yellow chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, leather leaf and grasses for the spray.

Price from – £65.00




White Tied Sheaf


White Tied Sheaf – An elegant hand tied sheaf using white roses, white lisianthus, white chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, deep green leaves and finished with a white ribbon bow tied at the base.

Price from – £40.00




White Single Ended Spray


White Single Ended Spray – A beautiful spray designed with white lilies, white lisianthus, white alstromeria, cream roses, small green chrysanthemums and mixed foliage.

Price from £45.00




Yellow & Cream Posy Arrangement


Yellow & Cream Posy Arrangement  – A pretty posy arrangement containing yellow roses, white lisianthus, yellow chrysanthemums, white alstromeria, white rose buds and mixed foliage.

Price from £40.00



Yellow Posy Arrangement


Yellow Posy Arrangement – A neat posy arrangement using yellow open roses, yellow alstromeria, white roses and mixed foliage.

Price from £35.00





Yellow & Pink Open Wreath


Yellow & Pink Open Wreath – A stunning open wreath designed using open pink roses, yellow open roses, yellow gerbera, pink peonies, green chrysanthemums and small foliage buds.

Price from – £80.00



Yellow Double Ended Casket Spray



Yellow Double Ended Spray – A classic casket spray using only yellow roses (approximately 50-60 roses) and a mixture of palms, ferns an eucalyptus.

Price  – £135.00



Red & Purple Open Wreath



Red & Purple Open Wreath – A very masculine design using deep red gerbera, purple lisianthus, blue thistle, lilac hydrangea, burgundy peonies and leather leaf.

Price From – £60.00