We understand that choosing the correct funeral tribute can be an emotional task. Our aim is to help in this difficult time to choose a tribute that is fitting to the deceased, be it a personal choice of flowers or colours, a special design i.e., a job, hobby or sport that represents the deceased, or just a tribute that is a true reflection of that person. Our range offers all the standard tributes, but any special designs can all be made to order. We are happy to meet with our customers to discuss arrangements for flowers and any special requests. Our main aim is to provide you with the best possible service as you express your sympathy with flowers.








Blue & White Basket Arrangement From  £50.00










Pink Basket Arrangement From £55.00









White & Yellow large Spray Basket From £55.00


Red & White Double Open Heart







Red & White Double Open Hearts From £125.00



Red & Green Open Wreath









Red & Green Open Wreath From £100.00


Blue & Yellow Single Ended Spray









Blue & Yellow Single Ended Spray From £65.00


Cream & Blue Open Wreath










Cream & Blue Open Wreath From £80.00

Cream & Green Tied Sheaf









Cream & White Tied Sheaf  From  £55.00


Cream & Purple Open Wreath









Cream & Purple Open Wreath From £80.00



Cream & Lilac Open Wreath








Cream & Lilac Open Wreath From £85.00


Red & Cream Massed Heart









Red & Cream Massed Heart From £150.00


Red & Cream Open Wreath








Red & Cream Open Wreath From £80.00



White & Cream Massed Cross










White & Cream Massed Cross From £150.00

White & Cream Open Wreath








White & Cream Open Wreath From £80.00


White & Lemon Cushion





White & Lemon Massed Cushion From £100.00



White Tied Sheaf









White Tied Sheaf From £60.00

White Single Ended Spray









White Single Ended Spray From £65.00

Yellow & Cream Posy Arrangement








Yellow & Cream Posy Arrangement  From £50.00


Yellow Posy Arrangement








Yellow Posy Arrangement  From £45.00


Yellow & Pink Open Wreath









Yellow & Pink Open Wreath  From  £110.00

Yellow Double Ended Casket Spray








Yellow Double Ended Spray From 135.00

Red & Purple Open Wreath





Red & Purple Open Wreath From £75.00