We offer a stunning range of exquisite bridal bouquets with made to order accessories, such as headdresses, bridesmaid’s flowers, corsages and flowers for the church and reception. Our aim is to provide the best possible personal service, from working closely together with the bride and her family, helping them to choose the correct colour scheme to coordinate with the chosen flowers and offering advice on seasonal flowers and foliage. If you have any special ideas or would like us to create a particular design you have in mind, it would be our pleasure to work towards achieving that desired look. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event for most and a special day is brought together with achieving exactly how the bride and groom want it to be. We feel that flowers are one of the key parts for achieving a beautiful wedding and we aim to fulfill that beauty in the best possible way.

Lavender LadyLavender Lady – A spectacular shower bouquet with Ivory calla lilies, purple freesia, cream roses, cream dendrobium orchids and ferns, a good variation of different flowers giving it a beautiful shape.

Price from – £120.00




Apple BlushApple Blush – A stunning hand tied bouquet with a gorgeous mix of cream and ivory roses together with a beautiful blend of green and maroon cymbidium orchids.

Price from  – £70.00





Apricot DreamApricot Dream – A Beautiful eye-catching hand tied bouquet with a mixture of peach and apricot roses, white peonies, blended fantastically with deep green leaves and small flower buds.

Price from – £65.00





Autumn DaysAutumn Days – This magnificent hand tied bouquet is perfect for and autumn wedding, it had a mixture of stunning mango calla lilies, ivory and peach roses, raspberry and apricot coloured orchids, alstromeria buds and deep green leaves.

Price from  – £85.00





BabylonBabylon – This hand tied bouquet has a perfect round posy shape and giving it added length using grasses becomes quite unique. Made up of cymbidium orchids, roses, chrysanthemums, nerines, gypsophilia and beautiful green foliage.

Price from – £85.00




Berry BurstBerry Burst – An eye-catching neat hand tied bouquet with vibrant autumnal colours. Containing a collection of roses, gerberas, calla lilies, chrysanthemums and buds, stems covered with a matching ribbon. This will give a bold stylish look with these sensational seasonal colours.

Price from – £75.00





Blueberry BellesBlueberry Belles – These shower bouquets are fantastic for brides or bridesmaids, they have a beautiful mixture of stunning cream calla lilies with deep purple centres, gypsophila, eucalyptus and mid green grasses.

Price from – £55.00



ButtercupButtercup – This cute posy shaped bouquet is perfect for a summer wedding, with a mixture of Ivory roses, cream and lemon alstromeria, small cream chrysanthemums and leather leaf fern.

Price from – £65.00



CandyflossCandyfloss – This bouquet is fun and sophisticated at the same time. With its mass of shocking pink roses centred around a beautiful display of phalaenopsis orchids with matching pink centres, gypsophila, ferns and deep green leaves at the base, gives it an amazing appearance.

Price from – £95.00





CaptivationCaptivation – A stunningly beautiful shower bouquet made only with white phalaenopsis orchids, gypsophila and deep green foliage for an overall breath-taking look.

Price from – £99.00






CascadeCascade – This is an excellent choice for a wedding reception arrangement. With its amazing array of different flowers using cymbidium orchids, anthuriums, roses, gypsophila and a stunning mixture of foliage’s it gives a very impressive impact. This modern arrangement can be adaptable to suit any colour scheme.

Price from -£95.00





Cherry PieCherry Pie – This hand tied bouquet has a simple mixture of large white roses, red roses placed perfectly to add a splash of colour, small white bouvardia flowers and deep green foliage, slightly trailing to give a very stylish look.

Price from – £65.00





Christmas RoseChristmas rose – This a fantastic bridesmaids choice for a Christmas wedding. The bouquet is neat and tightly arranged using bright red, burgundy and white roses, green thistles, berries and deep green ruscus leaves.

Price from – £30.00




Cream SilkCream Silk – A simply stunning traditional shower bouquet, consisting of cream, Ivory and white roses, white freesia, delicate green foliage, a wonderful choice for any season.

Price From £90.00





Dusky PinksDusky Pinks – These are beautiful posy shaped bouquets for bridesmaids, with dusky pink open roses, white peonies, small bud white rose and gypsophila, keeps the colours simple which makes these bouquets perfect for older bridesmaids.

Price from – £40.00



EntwistleEntwistle – This interesting posy shaped bouquet is designed using a simple mixture of ivory/pink roses, syringa lilac and a fantastic blend of leaves, grasses and ferns, giving this bouquet a slightly wild feel.

Price from – £55.00





EvergreenEvergreen – A stunning pedestal arrangement for church or reception with a mixture of chrysanthemums, delphiniums, eustoma, leather leaf fern and ruscus leaves, this arrangement can be changed to suit any colour scheme.

Price from – £95.00






Exotic EastExotic East – A beautiful hand tied bouquet with phalenopsis orchids centred around pale peach roses and white eustoma finished with a circular pattern using grasses at the base, a very delicate and feminine look for any bride.

Price from – £65.00






FirecrackerFirecracker – This hand tied bouquet is perfect for an autumn wedding with its colour scheme and amazing array of mango coloured calla lilies, alstromeria, cream and peach roses with green ruscus leaves.

Price from £65.00





Garden of EdenGarden of Eden – This very natural looking hand tied bouquet has a simple mixture of white roses, white freesia and an interesting choice of foliage, a wonderful choice for a wedding of any season.

Price from £45.00






GrapeseedGrape seed – A chic hand tied bouquet with cream rose, purple veronica and eustoma finished at the base with fine grasses for a very elegant look.

Price from – £65.00




Green GoddessGreen Goddess – Giving a very elegant look this unique hand tied bouquet consists of a pale green open rose surrounded by green cymbidium orchids and delicately pattern with fine grasses.

Price from – £50.00





Ivory TowerIvory Tower – This beautifully structured shower bouquet has an amazing array of flowers including ivory longiflorum lilies, roses, dendrobium orchids, freesia and variegated grasses.

Price from £95.00






Lilac storyLilac Story – A very delicate feminine hand tied bouquet with ivory roses, purple eustoma and purple veronica, entwined with grasses for a beautifully soft look.

Price from -£65.00





Lilac SplendourLilac Splendour– An amazing pedestal arrangement for either church or reception this consists of several different shade of pink roses, lilac delphiniums, chrysanthemums, variegated ivy and ruscus leaves. Colour scheme can be altered to suit.

Price from £99.00





Midnight MysteryMidnight Mystery – A simple mix of ivory calla lilies an purple eustoma keeps this hand tied bouquet elegant and chic.

Price from £65.00





Orange PassionOrange Passion – An amazing church/reception arrangement with stunning colours using peach antirrhinums, purple delphiniums, red gerberas, orange lilies, peach roses, leather leaf and dark green ruscus, beautifully shaped in a curve.

Price from – £99.00





Oyster PearlOyster pearl – A small delicate shower bouquet with ivory cymbidium and dendrobium orchids, laced with pearls and grasses for a beautiful finish.

Price from –  £55.00






Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream – A beautifully neat hand tied bouquet with peach roses, ivory freesia with buds, deep green flat leaves folded for a smooth finish at the base, with stems covered in a peach ribbon.

Price from – £70.00



PeonyPeony – This gorgeous bouquet is perfect for a summer wedding, with dusky pink open roses, white peonies, cream freesia with buds, gypsophilia and matching ribbon covering the stems.

Price from – £65.00






Pink PerfectionPink Perfection – A very neat feminine bouquet is gorgeous in colour with beautiful pink open roses, lilac freesia with buds, white and deep purple eustoma.

Price from – £60.00





PurityPurity – A very elegant design using only white phalenopsis orchids and a hint of variegated foliage to form a simple shower bouquet, a stunning look for any season.

Price from – £70.00





Purple PersuasionPurple Persuasion – A striking hand tied bouquet using only Ivory calla lilies with deep purple centres making it a stunning combination.

Price from – £65.00





RhapsodyRhapsody – A Beautiful fresh bouquet with amazing colours using fuchsia pink open lilies, five pale pink open roses and deep green palm leaves folded at the base, perfect for a summer wedding.

Price from – £55.00




RomanceRomance – A natural looking hand tied bouquet with cream open rose, fuchsia pink gerberas and complimented well with deep green leather leaf, ruscus and ferns, using delicate white ribbon to soften the look.

Price from – £50.00




RosettaRosetta – A striking hand tied bouquet using three different flowers all the same colour, red open roses, red gerberas and red callas lilies, this bouquet certainly gives a very bold impression.

Price from – £60.00





Secret GardenSecret Garden – This very pretty hand tied bouquet has a beautiful mixture of flowers including pale pink roses, Iris, cream lysimachia, purple Ixia Fuchsia pink orchids and pale pink alstromeria, the stems are covered with a matching ribbon.

Price from – £65.00





SeductionSeduction – This is a perfectly shaped shower bouquet all white in colour with just the right amount of deep green ruscus to compliment, containing white calla lilies, roses, freesia and eustoma is simply stunning.

Price from – £105.00





Shades of GreenShades of Green – An amazing mixture of two flowers that also contain a natural shade of green within them.  White lilies and eustoma with green centres and buds, with a matching band of green ribbon at the base to compliment this very unique hand tied bouquet.

Price from – £60.00





Sherbert ShowerSherbert Shower – This wonderfully designed shower bouquet consists of lilac and pink roses, cymbidium orchids, eustoma with cream roses for contrast, grasses and ferns, interesting and very feminine.

Price from – £80.00





StargazerStargazer – This beautiful hand tied bouquet is perfectly shaped with 6  burgundy open roses surrounded by white tulips and tulip leaves between the flowers giving it a very serene and elegant feel. A wonderful choice for a Christmas wedding.

Price from – £65.00






Strawberry Fair

Strawberry Fair – A stunning posy hand tied bouquet, beautifully shaped with bright red roses, white peonies and palm leaves folded decoratively at the base.

Price from – £70.00




Sugar & SpiceSugar & Spice – A delicate posy hand tied bouquet using Ivory calla lilies, pale pink cymbidium orchids, viburnum and grasses woven between the flowers and across the bouquet for a light feminine look, simply perfect.

Price from – £85.00



SummertimeSummertime – This bouquet is fun, colourful and interesting.  It has beautiful summer colours, consisting of pink and lemon roses, purple eustoma, yellow chrysanthemums, green hydrangea, variegated ivy and leather leaf.  This has a perfect natural shape and is finished beautifully with the stems covered in a matching ribbon.

Price from – £85.00





Tangerine TalesTangerine Tales – Fabulous bridesmaids bouquets with a wonderful mix of autumnal colours, oranges, mango and winter whites. Consisting of roses, calla lilies, berries and foliage’s all together are a fantastic compliment for any bride.

Price from – £45.00



ThanksgivingThanksgiving – This is truly a stunning seasonal hand tied bouquet.  With a mixture of ivory roses, white freesia buds, berries, gypsophila, grasses and variegated palm leaves folded decoratively at base, and finished beautifully with a delicate ivory ribbon.

Price from – £75.00





Vanilla PodsVanilla Pods – These cute bridemaids posies are simple but stunning and will stand out against any vivid colour, consisting of white roses, white eustoma, deep green grasses and ruscus leaves.

Price from – £40.00




White GrapeWhite Grape – A beautiful choice for an adult bridesmaid, with a mixture of ivory roses, ivory calla lilies, lilac freesia and a small amount of eucalyptus, this hand tied bouquet is chic and elegant.

Price from – £55.00